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Frutamax is Quality
In different areas of production control processes and the use of different health approved by state agencies inputs, obtaining them best quality standards according to the development of crops. We have a quality assurance provided by the bromatológico laboratory and plant health state, as well also have certification of international private laboratories. Thus accompanying the product from its origin, ensure traceability, quality and harvest at their peak of flavor.

The process of goods is done in our warehouses based on the specific requirements of each client. Highly trained staff performs a thorough product selection for subsequent transfer. The best packaging and size are carefully selected according to the market where will eventually be marketed. Monitoring and control of the cold chain by termografos incorporated into the trucks that transport the merchandise is made. The merchandise before being traded to ensure that it is in good condition is inspected.

By fulfilling all these processes guarantee to all our clients and their customers a service and a product of excellent quality and taste.

The commitment to quality is the central principle of Frutamax expressed through an integrated quality strategy in the area of production. This commitment is not only based on meeting the requirements of the law but also encompasses the search for best practices in everything the company does.

External inspections are hired to audit the quality of the product before being shipped to their final destination.

The company monitors the complete traceability from earth to customers and viceversa.

This combination of elements and culture within FRUTAMAX, which gives priority to all points related to quality, contribute to an overall consistency of the quality of our fruits and vegetables.