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Frutamax is Quality
Our company is dedicated to the export and import of fresh quality products, we have for this with extensive experience in the food field, we specialize in the production and international marketing of fresh fruits, dried and derivatives and complementary products.

With the goal post in the quality of end to end, We control processes with a vast infrastructure, totaling fifth, packaging and cold, strategically located in the production areas of Patagonia, Tucumán and Litoral, which collect and select the best fruits of Argentina.

For years satifacemos to our customers by providing the best quality and presentation in both our products and services.

We have a privileged position in the domestic market with broad distribution channels allowing us to offer our customers competitive advantages in the sector.

We cater to major retail chains for fresh produce, such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, provincial markets and distributors within the country, we throughout Argentina and the world renowned for their excellent quality and unique presentation products.

Our company aims at providing a better supply of fruits and vegetables to all those companies that need a specialized service level. We adapt to different budgets and needs of each client, we have for this with a wide range of presentations and sizes, according to the specific requirements of each national and international market.